Our Mission


The Wychwood Heights Business Association (WHBIA) is a non-profit agency of the City of Toronto created by local retail merchants and commercial property owners. We’re located on St Clair Avenue West from the Loblaws store (just short of Tweedsmuir) to the east and Christie/Humewood to the west. (See map Contact Page). We are governed by a Board of Management comprised of volunteers who are either merchant retailers or commercial property owners. Our Board is subject to City of Toronto rules and regulations including operational guidelines. Our activities are transparent at all times and our financial actions subjected to annual audit.


Our mandate is to enhance the business environment of our community and support our members to increasing success by providing a venue for positive, sustained networking and growth prospects.


We strive to provide business management resources, information, services, networking opportunities and government advocacy for our members. WHBIA’s mission is to ensure our business community (including self-employed individuals) has a positive presence in the economic development of Toronto.


To enable and encourage substantial business growth; thereby creating a dynamic, healthy and vibrant environment where people will work, reside and visit.



We value the dignity and uniqueness of all individuals and will engage everyone with the courtesy and respect which all diverse perspectives are due.


We shall respond with fairness, honesty and integrity towards all individuals and matters. Our behaviour will be guided by decency and regulated by applicable legislation.


We are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We value everyone’s contribution and appreciate the efforts and dedication of our members and volunteers towards common benefits and improvements.


We respect opinions and embrace ideas offered by all. We look forward to collaborating with all participants in creating strong partnerships in pursuit of mutual goals and success.


Our spending remains transparent and is based on best-evidence and thoughtful management practices.

We are committed to personal and team accountability for cost-effective results, good husbandry and protection of our members’ investments.


The most critical element to responsible and accountable governance is transparency. In that regard, we are dedicated to providing open dialogue and administrative records to our members at all times.


Fiduciary matters and future levies are paramount in importance. Our Board will provide responsible stewardship in management while adhering to our Mission and our Values.


We shall remain alert and responsive to all new developments in business activities; including employment, health, taxation, operational and societal advancements. We’ll seek and introduce pioneering productive trends to our members.