Goodbye Graffiti

Opt In to this FREE BIA program

Graffiti tags need to be removed by City ordinance. If a building is tagged, the property owner will be sent a letter notifying the owner that the graffiti must be removed by a certain deadline. Failure to comply may result in the property owner being fined.

Wychwood Heights BIA has budgeted for graffiti removal for its commercial property members. We  strongly advise them to opt into this program; it’s free but requires a Permission Form to be completed by the owner. The form allows the graffiti removers to enter the property for removal purposes.

Caution: the process is not instantaneous. It may take 2-3 weeks to remove graffiti. Do not wait until the City sends a warning notice.


(1) Please download the following file:

(2) Fill-in the the relevant details, rename the file with your business name (for identification purposes).

(3) Return to this page, fill the form below (and upload the file you have updated).