Opening in the early 90s, Mezzetta Restaurant and Café has been part of the culinary diversity along St. Clair Avenue.
Our food menu offers over forty assortments, including local and imported beer and a selective wine list.
Our cozy and welcoming dining room provides the perfect setting for a family dinner, a romantic night out or a private gathering.
Over the decades our consistent quality brought back our customers time and again. Critics and patrons alike gave us rave reviews on multiple platforms.
Every restaurant and dining establishment run by an immigrant has a story behind it and mine is no different.
Leaving Iran in the midst of the turbulent events of the 80s that had befallen that country I emigrated to Canada without financial assets, like any penniless refugee.
Being young and hopeful, I found the energy to focus on employment and savings and with a strong work ethic, eventually saved enough to move forward and acquire my own business – Mezzetta Restaurant. Being naturally sociable, I found the restaurant scene a comfortable fit, enabling me to enjoy the loyalty and friendship of my guests. 

The restaurant industry is a challenging field. Fewer than one-third survive past 5 years. Notwithstanding the many challenges, the demands are compensated by the pleasure I enjoy in serving my guests with healthy, high quality food and having them return and introduce their friends to our menu.

Now in 2022, having survived the pandemic, I am as hopeful as ever. The future years will be challenging – but promising as well. At some point I’ll have to retire – but I could not find a better country and better friends than this; my country, Canada.

It’s been a long journey and gratefully appreciated.

“Strangers are friends I’ve yet to meet.”

Safa Nematy, owner/ operator

681 St. Clair Avenue West, (416) 658-5687

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