Minutes of previous meetings can be requested by email. They are available from November 2020 and later. Meetings are virtual, by Zoom and usually held monthly.

Meeting Protocols

  1. Please be advised that all meetings of the BIA Board of Directors are open to the public.
  2. Anyone may attend and observe at any time.
  3. Guests may be allowed to speak to any issue on the agenda.
  4. Guests may request an issue to be added to the agenda. Such a request must be made a week before any pending meeting to provide time for the matter to be added, since agendas are distributed 5 days in advance.
  5. Any request for adding and speaking at any meeting is subject to the discretion of the Chair.
  6. At this time, meetings are conducted via ZOOM – not in person. They last about 45 minutes.

Attending Meetings

Anyone wishing to attend upcoming meetings; call the Chair (Safa) at 416 658 5687 and request to be sent the particulars (links and time) about joining the meeting. The request can also be made by email to: info@wychwoodheight.ca